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ELPI lures - SWIFTY color card


ELPI lures - SWIFTY deluxe color card

SWIFTY is a series of lures with exceptional uniform flow, with both smaller and bigger lead. It's tail gives a unified, medium-sized vibration that goes through the whole body that causes the so called wobbling. When the whole body has a similar movement to the pendulum, from one side to the other, it’s very attractive for the predator.

*Available in sizes: 9cm, 11cm i 15cm.

*Produced in all ELPI standard (one color), as well as in all DELUXE (hand painted) colors.

SWIFTY 9cm has been in our offer for many years now, he proved very good on all of the local water and many foreign ones, thus becoming indispensable part of the arsenal for many fishermen. During those years alongside Zander, Northern Pike, Asp he gave big numbers of Catfish which is what inspired us to make a true bite for the ‘stash guy, and that’s our very own SWIFTY 11cm.
SWIFTY 11cm is a perfect go-between other two members of our bestselling line. Ideal size and form empower the baits vibration and attract fresh and seawater predators.
The biggest bait of Swifty line is SWIFTY 15cm. With it's size this bait represents convenient bite for dominant predators such as Big Pike and Catfish.
ELPI lures - SWIFTY 9cm - tehnical data
ELPI TEHNICAL DATA_Swifty 11_150dpi.png
ELPI lures - SWIFTY 15cm - tehnical data
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