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ELPI lures - BLINK deluxe color card

Blink product series in best described by its name since the predator will attack this incredible lure in the blink of an eye!

Its distinctly tiny vibration that exudes the work of this bait is very appealing to all predators after the spawning in the warmer parts of the year, when they feed on smaller pray. 


It is produced in sizes of 5cm, 6cm and 7cm. In all ELPI standard (one color) as well as in all DELUXE (hand painted) colors.

It all started with Blink 6, as an oldest brother of the BLINK family, in 2015 after few years of testing on various local and foreign waters we decided that a resize is in order since sometimes it is too small for a serious Zander, but too big for a tiny European Perch. That’s where Blink 5 and Blink 7 come in and cover all of the other situations when we use the BLINK series.

Blink 5 is designed for ultra light fishing for different tiny predators like European perch, Salmonidae, Asp, but often he can lure some decent Zander, Northern Pike, Asp.


He also proved great for ultra light fishing of various sea predators.

Blink 7 is a 10mm bigger version of his older brother. Those 10mm were just enough to initiate bigger predators to charge, while smaller ones would attack the Blink 6. While testing amongst regular samples he brought big number of large Zanders, Catfish, Northern Pike, Asp, Bass and European Bass.

Don’t let the size fool you!

ELPI lures - BLINK 6cm- tehnical data
ELPI lures - BLINK 5cm- tehnical data
ELPI lures - BLINK 7cm- tehnical data
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